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Pacific Pacific Parlour Cars are first-class lounges that were used exclusively on Amtrak Coast Starlight Trains #14 & 11. The cars were used as the lounge for First Class Sleeping Car Passengers. They feature three types of luxurious seating, a full bar, food serving area, and a movie theater downstairs. The Parlour Car was the true heart of the Coast Starlight, and held the Wine Tasting as well as Continental breakfast upon departing Los Angeles. The PPC's history began as Santa Fe Hi-Level lounges that were re-built by Amtrak to be featured as the flagship lounge. They were unfortunately retired in 2018 due to the high mechanic costs for the 50+ year old equipment. Learn more below.

This page has been created to track the 6 remaining cars!

39970 / Columbia Valley


The only car NOT owned by Amtrak, this car was actually sold to Northwest Sky Rail Charters(?) when Amtrak sold multiple cars around 2001. It is currently in storage in Illinois however and is not running.

Photos --

39972 / Napa Valley
39973 / Santa Lucia Highlands
39974 / Sonoma Valley
This car was featured in the 2003 feature film Italian Job. It also carried Amtrak President, Alex Kummant during his tour of Coast Starlight train in 2007.
39975 / Willamette Valley

*Winery themed car names began in May 2008 for the Coast Starlight Re-Launch.

( #39971 is obviously not named, and updated information is not available due to the cars inactivity. )




All Pacific Parlour Cars are being retired from service. The future of these cars is uncertain, but after many years, we will now no longer be able to enjoy them on Amtrak's Coast Starlight. This is very sad news to all of us that have enjoyed them for many years. Thank you for the memories. We will update this page when we learn what Amtrak is doing with the five cars they still own.

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Coast Starlight Parlour Car Removed

Effective February 4, 2018

Amtrak will retire the renowned Pacific Parlour Car from the Coast Starlight. The last day of service will be February 2 on Train 14 and February 4 on Train 11. Retiring the Parlour Car is part of Amtrak's ongoing work to modernize its fleet of equipment.

Due to high demand, an additional Parlour Car trip has been added on Wednesday, January 31 leaving Los Angeles and Friday, February 2 leaving Seattle.

The Parlour Car will continue to operate on Thursdays and Fridays departing Los Angeles and Saturdays and Sundays departing Seattle through February 4.

The Coast Starlight will continue to provide daily service from Seattle to Los Angeles. Amtrak is reviewing what amenities offered in the Parlour Car will be available in the future. Customers can continue to enjoy the trip and spectacular views from other areas of the train, including the Dining and Sightseer Lounge cars.

We appreciate your patronage and apologize for any inconvenience. For reservation and train status information check, our free mobile apps, speak with station personnel or call 800-USA-RAIL (1-800-872-7245).

Thank you for traveling with Amtrak.


Official Release:




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Pacific Parlour Car Photos taken in May 2008:


Photos by Carl Morrison from 2006 (used with permission) :


Amtrak Coast Starlight #14 at Klamath Falls, OR with Pacific Parlour Car 39974 in April 2005...


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